Listed here are some books that S.W.O.G. members found useful in their personal search for a sober and productive life. It's important to note that as every person's addiction is different, it logically follows that there will be many varied solutions for the individual. The list of suggested reading here is meant to represent the diverse perspectives of our members, however, these books should have some value for everyone in their journey.

Also listed are a couple books from a Buddhist perspective because the philosophy, we believe, is compatible with S.W.O.G.'s secular mission. Belief in the supernatural aspects of Buddhism is not necessary for the ethical and self-empowering  teachings to prove helpful. Buddhism at its core encourages both self empowerment and personal responsibility.
We hope that this list is helpful and if anyone has a book they would like added , please let Ed or Eightfold know either in chat or here.                      

Sober For Good by Anne M. Fletcher 

From The Weekly Standard review:

Although Alcoholics Anonymous has long been the preferred (and often court-mandated) regimen for the treatment of alcoholism, its ideology isn't for everyone. As Fletcher (Thin for Life) points out, some people are put off by AA's religious tone, others by the concept of powerlessness over alcohol. And, she says, contrary to AA beliefs, many more never "hit bottom," but nonetheless choose to reconsider their relationship with drinking. Additionally, she suggests, with managed care drastically cutting coverage of inpatient treatment, people with alcohol problems need to know about outpatient alternatives to AA
 The Truth About Addiction and Recovery by Stanton Peele

Description on Amazon.com:

In this revolutionary analysis of addiction, Peele and Brodsky draw on years of research to refute the contention that addictions are biologically based diseases that last a lifetime. Examining addiction within the context of people's lives, they show that addictive behavior is a way of coping with situational stress and that it can be overcome without medical treatment or 12-step groups. 

 Taking The Leap by Pema Chodron

From her website:

Best-seller Pema Chödrön draws on the Buddhist concept of shenpa to to help us see how certain habits of mind tend to “hook” us and get us stuck in states of anger, blame, self-hatred, and addiction. The good news is that once we start to recognize these patterns, they instantly begin to lose their hold on us and we can begin to change our lives for the better. 

 Resisting 12-Step Coercion by Peele, Bufe & Brodsky

From Amazon.com's description:

This book is a guide for the one million-plus Americans per year who face coerced religious indoctrination in the guise of alcohol or drug treatment. It outlines legal strategies and existing court decisions and shows how useless and sometimes harmful 12-step treatment can be. It also contains a considerable amount of material on the routine violation of standard medical ethics by addiction treatment providers, and examples of such violations.

 Feeling Good by David D. Burns M.D.

This book is, perhaps, the first best selling book about cognitive therapy techniques to be ever published. Although it does not focus on addiction, the principles are applicable for substance abuse.

From Amazon's description:

The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other "black holes" of depression can be cured without drugs! In Feeling Good, eminent psychiatrist, David D. Burns, M.D., outlines the remarkable, scientifically proven techniques that will immediately lift your spirits and help you develop a positive outlook on life. 

 Dharma Punx by Noah Levine

The story of how meditation and eastern philosophy helped a struggling youth find purpose and meaning in life and free himself from addiction.

 Handbook Of Alcoholic Treatment Approaches by Heister & Miller

This book is intended for professionals, but could also be a great resource for people recovering from substance abuse.

From Amazon's description:

This is an absolutely indispensable resource for anyone working in the area of alcoholism treatment and research. Its focus is to match the client with the treatment program most suited to that specific client. Eleven of the most widely studied treatment approaches are covered in separate chapters, each written by an expert author or team in the modality.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate' M.D.

From Amazon's review:

"He would probably dispute it, but Gabor Maté is something of a compassion machine. Diligently treating the drug addicts of Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside with sympathy in his heart and legislative reform in mind can't be easy. But Maté never judges. His book is a powerful call-to-arms, both for the decriminalization of drugs and for a more sympathetic and informed view of addiction. As Maté observes, "Those whom we dismiss as 'junkies' are not creatures from a different world, only men and women mired at the extreme end of a continuum on which, here or there, all of us might well locate ourselves." More Here

Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey

From Amazon's review:

"Former social worker Trimpey, who drank heavily for 20 years, was not favorably impressed with the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings he attended because of their group orientation and what he took to be the religious precepts in AA's Big Book. Several years later Trimpey quit drinking completely, not by admitting that he was "powerless over alcohol," as per AA, but by taking responsibility for his actions and control of his behavior. He then wrote The Small Book (Delacorte, 1992). His technique requires participants to give up what he terms AA's dependent thinking, relinquish the idea that they have an incurable disease, and seize control." More Here

From Death Do I Part by Amy Lee Coy

From her website:

"From Death Do I Part is the account of a soul journey: a journal of liberation, authentically lived, deeply experienced and vividly written. The inspiring story of one person, it speaks to the challenges faced by many and to the possibilities inherent in us all."
     --- Gabor Mate M.D., author of Canada's #1 best seller, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction More Here

More to come


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