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For Chat Help     Email help can be a frustration for both parties. Before you write, try some of the things listed below.


     Chat stores some Preference data in Cookies. If you browser clears "Session" cookies after it is closed, those Preferences are cleared also. To avoid this, you must whitelist cookies from
For help on how to do this, download this file; and follow the instructions.
Please note this only works within the browser and only for automatic settings. If you have external privacy software, or clear cookies manually this will not work. For external software please consult the software Help
Images in Chat;

     Posting images in the text area using the PicShare Button
           These images are limited in File Size to under 200 kB.  Not dimension size.  An image that was posted successfully was,  718 X 417 pixels and 90 kB.  An unsuccessful posting was 718 X 413 and 206 kB.

     Uploading Personal Avatars
           These images are limited in both  File and Dimension size.  The file size limit is 50 kB.  And the dimensional size limit is 40 X 40 pixels.

Basic screens and menus


Clicking Preferences brings up

Clicking Personal Profile

Clicking Ignore

After entering a Room

Left click any area outside of room brings

Tiled Windows

Cascade Windows




Users list



Member and Monitor Menus. 
All users have this menu. To access it, Click a user name in the list. Explanations are below

 In addition, Room Monitors have this menu
 * Whisper


This is a site aimed at those with a substance abuse problem.
Be it alcohol or dope or both. Sober or not.

It is also a secular site. God, Jesus, or any H.P. is not required. Although people that do require such things are very much welcome.

It is also an adult oriented site, as such, adult language will be encountered.