Wednesday, May 4

Religion = morality and ethics? NOT!

 One of the great myths (among many) touted by the religious is that nonbelievers and atheists cannot have a moral guide without their ancient holy books. This is not only insidious and insulting, but as this article Simplicity sent me indicates- with study after empirical study; it simply is not true.

A growing body of social science research reveals that atheists, and non-religious people in general, are far from the unsavory beings many assume them to be. On basic questions of morality and human decency — issues such as governmental use of torture, the death penalty, punitive hitting of children, racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, environmental degradation or human rights — the irreligious tend to be more ethical than their religious peers, particularly compared with those who describe themselves as very religious.
Suck on that theists! If only evidence was the antidote to complete, self imposed ignorance. I don't want to perpetuate the myth that people who are devout lack intelligence, because it simply is not true, but they tend to lack critical thinking skills that come with a healthy skepticism as this article suggests.

As individuals, atheists tend to score high on measures of intelligence, especially verbal ability and scientific literacy. They tend to raise their children to solve problems rationally, to make up their own minds when it comes to existential questions and to obey the golden rule. They are more likely to practice safe sex than the strongly religious are, and are less likely to be nationalistic or ethnocentric. They value freedom of thought.

This article did not tell me a whole lot I did not already suspect about nonbelievers, as I know many and have seen with my own eyes that they are -more often than not- ethical and compassionate people, but it did confirm  those suspicions in a very affirmative way! Nothing as satisfying as being shown to be right!...or is it just me?

Read the whole article here.

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