Thursday, May 5

Correlation between high intelligence and addiction?

Are people with higher intelligence more likely to use drugs and alcohol and therefore more likely to become addicts? In Satoshi Kanazawa's hypothesis, the answer is yes. The more intelligent a person is, the more likely they are to seek out new experiences- including using drugs and alcohol. The Savannah IQ Interaction Hypothesis goes something like this: the more intelligent the individual, the more likely they are to experiment with psychoactive substances. From a perspective of an evolutionary psychologist , this risky behavior makes perfect sense. The more intelligent the individual, the more they tend to seek out experiences that are new and novel, perhaps, because they seek knowledge and understanding and innately recognize that new perspective comes from the psychoactive properties of drugs and alcohol.

As this graph illustrates, the studies clearly show a correlation between intelligence and drug use.

I am not just trying to make you feel better. I have a graph to prove that you are smart! However, the truly intelligent thing to do is live your life free of addiction and the misery that accompanies it. There are ways of altering perception that are more constructive!
Read the article from Psychology Today here.


Anonymous said...

interesting. I'm an addict, or an ex-addict as I like to think of myself at 2 years sober. I spent a summer in rehab and part of the testing was IQ to prove how much drugs had smashed our heads. I tested at over 99 percentile as I knew I would (not to brag, just knew what my IQ was before). All I heard from then on was how I was "too smart" for AA and I would have to rest "that big old brain" and just accept things as they said. Well, I don't. AA is not the answer for me. Cognitive therapy, insight, and experience will keep me sober. I am not powerless but quite the opposite. Sobriety is empowering. Yes, I am always looking for the next big thing, the different angle, and that got me in trouble with drugs. But it also got me out of it. Thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

I too am of above average intelligence as my Shrink told my family and myself , no surprise we have known since I was a young child.I have been addicted to cocaine since 22 (I am now 44 and have manged to not just hold a job but have started my own prosperous business ) with almost 7 years clean. I personally believe that I needed the stimulation I wasn't receiving elsewhere. Since I have found all the stimulation I need in my wonderful husband (who really doesn't understand the addiction part)I only look forward to my fantastic looking future

Anonymous said...

A graph showing a positive correlation between intelligence and drug use doesn't prove you're smart, as you state, because that would affirm the consequent of the proposition, which is logically fallacious. The correlation may be true, albeit, higher intelligence probably isn't a necessary condition of experimentation with psychoactive substances.

Anonymous said...

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