Tuesday, November 23

Christmas Ads Already?

 If the commercialization of the Palestinian apocalyptic zombie preacher's birthday is gonna start before Thanksgiving (another holiday riddled with bullshit), then I am going to start mocking it early too- with the help of Tim Minchin. Ignore the white wine part.


beccaWA said...

Well you know I'm not xtian... and you know I hate corporatism/ commercialism... but somehow I do like xmas. I like the cold winter days, the cozy family feeling, the scent of pine in the air. I like decorating the tree. I just make it about being glad to be alive. And about being glad to have family/friends. And of course the food! I even like the music... some of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. To say nothing of Charlie Brown, and Rudolph in claymation!!!



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