Wednesday, July 21

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Cruising around on the web last night I came across the  AntiChristian Phenomenon website. The following caught my eye. From their FAQ page:

10. What is the definition of religion?
This is a point of much contention amongst all denominations, religious or not. Wikipedia offers a decent if broad definition:
A set of common beliefs and practices generally held by a group of people, often codified as prayer, ritual, and religious law. Religion also encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and mystic experience. The term “religion” refers to both the personal practices related to communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from shared conviction.” This is a fairly reasonable definition and broad enough to encompass most semi-regulated systems of belief. Of course not everyone would agree.
For example, some believe that Christianity is not a religion but a “lifestyle” or “personal relationship” with Jesus/God. Despite this, they continue to partake of what other Christian denominations partake in, including but not limited to prayer, repentance, communal worship, adherence of religious laws and recognition of religious holidays. These are also activities practiced by other denominations such as Judaism or Islam; denominations these Christians would not hesitate to refer to as a religion.

11. What is spirituality and how does it differ from religion?
What constitutes spirituality is a much greater point of contention than religion. It means so many different things to so many different people that it becomes difficult to focus its meaning and come to even a partial consensus.
Some feel that spirituality is an offshoot of religion and offers a less restrictive way for them to explore and experience varying worldviews. Some see spirituality as an integral part of their religious faith. For others it encompasses metaphysical and unexplained phenomena, quite literally “spirits” as well as other aspects such as karma, that is in no way connected with religion. In opposition to religion it is generally understood to be a more individual journey to find whatever is “out there” that makes sense to the individual without (religious) preconceptions.

The entire site is fine reading and I have added it to the SWOG Blogroll

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