Saturday, May 8

Found on the web, long ago

Well it appears as though the AA Nazi's have infiltrated the forum. The same mentality that inspires brutal honesty.

"If I am right, who gives a shit if I hurt you?, I'm only doing it to save your life?! All these other sugar coaters are enabling you! You need the real truth! Even if it tears the skin right off you!"

Someone wasn't nice to these people either in their own recovery or they have a grudge against the world for not being fair. Tough to pick on the new guy cause he questioned you isn't it? And when someone compassionate jumps in to threaten your little tirade, "Hey, I call um like I see um...and I was RIGHT!" Pathetic.

Go back to the playground (or your meetings where you dominate) and be the bully. Some things never change!

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