Friday, May 28

The Bane of Philosophers

It is quite possible that there is a correlation between deep thought, self reflection, constant examination of all things and overindulging. Its also true that those who never fire an unnecessary synapse have also been known to enjoy the sauce in too plentiful of quantities. However, the former rather than the latter is more interesting because; it is despite intelligence and awareness that the thinking person drinks and lack of thought that the other does (presumably). This duality can be found throughout history in many of the men and women we consider to be great thinkers. All that overindulge do so, perhaps, for an escape from something. What then is an alternative to the destruction of livers and mortal flesh from over consumption? Surely one means must be replaced by another. Let us hope that dwelling on the one eternally is not our fate, but, something far more affirming than dragging the anchor of the past across the sea floor of our finite lives.

As Monty Python points out in this video: we are in very impressive company.

1 comment:

tj808 said...

No wonder I drank too much. Deep down I was trying to work out what "an unnecessary synapse" was.



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