Wednesday, May 12

The 12 Steps of Fundamentalists Anonymous

1.    We admit we were oppressed by religion and that our lives had become incomprehensible and unmanageable under the guise of faith.

2.    We came to understand through common sense, education and critical thinking that our own inner strength can restore us to sanity and help us break free of the tyranny of religion.

3.    We made a decision to accept complete responsibility for our lives and our will, instead of giving that free will to a god that never made sense.

4.    We made a fearless searching inventory of ourselves and our beliefs, and discarded what was not logical and not ours.

5.    We admitted to ourselves and others the true nature of our beliefs, stripped of the lies of faith and religion.

6.    We were entirely ready to remove the illogical defects of skewed faith from our beliefs through education, common sense and critical thought.

7.    We humbly realized we are all human and make mistakes, and take personal responsibility for our shortcomings, and strive to be a good person.

8.    We made a list of all beliefs that have harmed us and those around us, and willingly removed them from our lives.

9.    We made direct amends to all persons we tried to control with religious indoctrination.

10.    We continue to take personal inventory of ourselves and our beliefs through logical thinking, and when we are wrong, learn from our mistakes and correct them accordingly.

11.    We sought through education and critical thinking to improve our understanding of our developing beliefs and disconnection from religion, empowering ourselves to carry out our renunciation of faith.

12.    Having had an intellectual awakening as a result of these steps, we carry our lack of faith humbly and consciously, and offer to educate others when they are ready to break free of the tyranny of religion, and to practice these principles in all our affairs..


Unknown said...

This is pathetic. I was in AA for years and this secular group just reworded the 12 steps of AA along with all of the other hundreds of anymonous programs out there today. I've tried everything out there. But the power of Gods word in the bible is the only thing that works! Praise God and his Holy Spirit. It is okay to be addicted to God! I am! It's my medicine! You say well that works for you. Well everything works until it stops working from my experience. But the only thing that NEVER stops working is God! The only God found in the Bible. Amen. God Bless.

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sunmines said...

Stuart Croghan, who ran the Malheur Research Center in Oregon for twenty years, said, "Nick in my lifelong detailed study of the human critter I have found that we have an infinite capacity to fool ourselves."

This is another reason to reach out and trust God.


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