Tuesday, April 27

LSR, or AA Nazis


Date: 04/20/2010 

RE:  Ban of ed_AKA_c2  

Dear Edward,

Your current ban in the LifeRing Online Chat Rooms is currently considered indefiniteIn order to appeal this decision you repond via email to the LifeRing Chat Coordinator.

Your ban MAY be lifted on April 23, 2010 at 5 p.m. if you provide the following agreement to us via return email by 5:00 PM Pacific Time, April 21, 2010.   

As we discussed on the telephone, we have allowed you access to the chat room in the meantime in order to deal with your crisis situation. 

By responding to this email and requesting to be reinstated, you are agreeing that any violation of our posted chat guidelines may result in a permanent ban as well as a letter being sent to your internet service provider detailing the actions we have taken thus far and requesting that they limit your access to the LifeRing Chat Room website.

Any further questions about this decision may also be addressed via email to LifeRingChatCoordinator@yahoo.com 


LifeRing Chat Coordination Team


AGREEMENT  RE:  Ban of CHATNAME, Reinstatement Date:

I agree that the following is my name, current postal address, telephone number, primary email, and ISP, and that LifeRing Staff or the Chat Coordinator may use these to contact me regarding any future chat related incidents.  (All information is required for reinstatement).

Full Legal Name: 
Current Postal Address:
Current Telephone Number(s):
Current Primary Email:
My current internet service provider is:  

I understand that the purpose of the LifeRing Chat Room is to be supportive of efforts regarding sobriety and to respect the diversity of LifeRing membership.

I agree to read and review the currently posted guidelines on the LifeRing Website prior to reentering the chat rooms.  

I agree to abide by and fully support the most current rules and guidelines whenever I enter a LifeRing Chat Room. 
I will not contribute to any controversy concerning the rules and guidelines,  nor will discuss or debate the “kick”, “boot” or “ban” of myself or others.will not attempt to explain the guidelines to others.  

I agree to respect the authority and follow the direction of the Chat Coordinator, Moderators and Convenors while in LifeRing Chat.

I hereby relinquish any privilege in commenting on future changes to LifeRing's Chat Guidelines, Policies or Procedures.

I understand that any subsequent violation of this agreement is likely to result in a permanent ban and a letter to my Internet Service Provider.


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Eightfold said...

I think LSR is worse than AA based on that Gestapo-esque document!

Satyricon said...

The language smells distictly similar to the last debacle. It's like they just used a template of the last time banned people were 'verboten' to discuss incidents in their lives in an open chat room.

They are a group of people that need to openly communicate their issues in a 'safe haven' type atmosphere, without fear of reprisal.

Their entire concept for existing is contradictory. They boast LSR will teach you 'self-empowerment'. Then they issue you some toxic doctrine of rules you must follow or face expulsion.

I had nothing to do with any changes in the group, and I don't have the desire to waste any effort to change Marty's shill for hawking his books.

I wish them the best of luck. I also have no ill-feelings for AA. I went to AA for almost three years, and somehow in that time, I stopped drinking.

In my life, I see that I must always be seeking the newest and best channels I can find that can help me focus on a productive, satisfied, and peaceful life.

Let LSR do what they want. Same thing for AA. I'm really proud of the folks that put this site together. They focused on an answer to the problem, and didn't let anger immobilize them.

Thanks for being there, my friends!


Anonymous said...

pleased to run across you i was told last night in lifering that protecting aaers in the lifering chatroom is now paramount to it being secular.

it's too bad it ended like that it was a nice idea till it sold out to the establishment of cultists.

thanks for this place i'll be back.


Anonymous said...

months later this still rings true for me and i have been proud to be happy and sober here at this site!

the idea that LifeRing's "self-help" requires a proscribed participation in an elite group with self appointed experts seems to be an oxymoronic way to run any philosophy...emphasis on moran...

Anonymous said...

If you answer this threat you are stepping into a legal beartrap. Don't drink the Koolaid!!

Anonymous said...

To liken them to Nazis isn't really being fair to the Nazis, is it?

goofyboris said...

Wow! I didn't know about that until now! WTF????? I'm even going to go HERE . . . my opinion these days is that even Alcoholics Anonymous is less full of its own shit than the brain trust running LSR these days. If I were ever so inclined to attend meetings and had to choose between the two, it would very likely be AA that I chose, and THAT'S saying something, for me.

Anonymous said...

Long live Bill W!

Anonymous said...

I have read this document sent by the LSR to Ed. This site is asking him to give up his rights to free speech. LSR is using gestapo tactics. Read their guideline carefully before entering. The secret police of LSR are alive and well and will use tactics to protect the chosen few of lifering.


This is a site aimed at those with a substance abuse problem.
Be it alcohol or dope or both. Sober or not.

It is also a secular site. God, Jesus, or any H.P. is not required. Although people that do require such things are very much welcome.

It is also an adult oriented site, as such, adult language will be encountered.